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9 May 2017

My first major learning resource was a Udemy course; Colt Steele's Web Developer Bootcamp.

Across 297 video tutorials, this course covers a lot of bases - from first principles and the essential skills of front-end development through to the command line, Node.js and back-end packages, databases, git and deployment.

Over the years I've tried out quite a few web development courses and tutorials from various providers, and I have to say that for me this bootcamp stands head and shoulders above the others I've tried that are pitched at a similar level.

As well as being a natural communicator, Colt has clearly put a huge amount of thought into the structure of each individual lesson and the bootcamp as a whole. His extensive tutoring experience is obvious, and it's also clear that he's sought out and acted on student feedback to make sure the pacing is just right and that the key messages all stick.

In my opinion this course didn't put a foot wrong. I can't recommend it highly enough for anybody serious about getting to grips with the fundamentals of web programming from very first principles. So, thanks very much Colt!

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